NOAA Marine Debris Program Announces PSA Contest Winners



NOAA Marine Debris Program announces winners of fifth annual Communicating for a Clean Future: Ohio Marine Debris Challenge!


Congratulations to Perkins High School for a clean sweep in this year’s Communicating for a Clean Future marine debris PSA contest!

First Place: Ava L., Nelia N., Madison S., Elizabeth Z., Perkins High School (Teacher: Ashlie Gowitzka)

Second Place: Taylor B., Beth C., Dante D., Abbey S., Perkins High School (Teacher: Ashlie Gowitzka)

Third Place: Avery B., Emma C., Lexee K., Grace K., Caroline P., Lauren V., Ireland W., Perkins High School (Teacher: Ashlie Gowitzka)

Watch the winning videos on the NOAA Marine Debris website.


Because Cedar Point Amusement Park has cancelled their Physics, Math, & Science Week due to COVID-19 precautions, there will not be an awards ceremony this spring. NOAA Marine Debris, Ohio Sea Grant and congressional partners are working on potential alternatives to recognize the students.

This contest is a partnership between NOAA Marine Debris, Ohio Sea Grant, The Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory, Ohio Congressional District 9 and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, and Cedar Point Amusement Park.


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