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Workshop with Crystal Good



How do we make our work meaningful to diverse audiences beyond the university? How can we use artistic representations and communications to engage communities in complex ways? During this workshop, students will bring in a piece of work (anything from a budding idea to a work-in-progress) for which they would like to consider creative ways to make it speak to multiple audiences within and beyond the university. The goal of the workshop is to walk students through the process of making their work more accessible, artistic, engaged, critical, meaningful, and impactful.  


Workshop participants are asked to bring the following:

  1. An idea or piece of your own work
  2. An example of work you admire from the genre you’re working in (print copy, video link, etc.)
  3. An anonymous letter in an unmarked envelope listing the audiences, demographics, and ‘kinds’ of people you want to connect with or encounter your work

RSVP to by Wednesday, February 14th if you would like to attend the workshop.

This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Environmental Humanities; the Department of African American and African Studies, the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective (DISCO); the Appalachian Studies Network@OSU; Department of Dance, and the English Graduate Organization (EGO).


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Start Date: Saturday, Feb. 17 2018, 12:00pm
End Date: Saturday, Feb. 17 2018, 3:30pm
Location: Denney Hall 311