Media Magnet is changing. On December 16, 2020, we will disable the user interface. The API and accompanying data synchronization processes will remain available while we evaluate alternative solutions. More Information.

What is Media Magnet?

Media Magnet is a web service for aggregating and coordinating digital content across the university.

Why is this needed?

OSU is a big place! We produce many thousands of pieces of digital content each year: Web features, event listings, blog posts, tweets, instagrams, etc. Through keyword tagging and aggregation, Media Magnet provides a way to relate and combine separate pieces of content.

How does keyword tagging help coordinate content?

Media Magnet provides a universal set of keywords based on commonly used university themes (like "Academics" and "Buckeye Pride"). Once applied, the tags are like glue, bits of meta-data binding individual content to one another.

How is relating content useful? How does it benefit our audiences?

Media Magnet makes content filterable and reusable. It provides a simple mechanism to repurpose content in new ways and contexts: Narrow-casting content based on user's preferences. Related reading. Content mash-ups. Events calendars based on specific topics. Greater visibility and awareness of communications produced across the university.

What types of content can be aggregated?

Media Magnet can consume just about any public content "channel": Web site content like news, events and blog posts, as well as feeds from popular social media platforms (the Youtubes, Twitter, etc.). Take a look at the different channel types available.

How do I tag my content?

Different content sources provide different ways of tagging and catgorizing content. Read up on tags to leant more about how to tag your content items.

Great! So how do I get started?

You're in the right place! Take a look through our help documentation to find out what Media Magnet can do for you. You might start by reading the getting started or learning about key concepts.