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Last polled: Wednesday, Jun. 01 2016, 12:54pm
Last updated: Wednesday, May. 25 2016, 12:08pm

If you haven't visited the Biological Scie...
May. 25, 12:08pm

It's almost time for graduation! #OSUGrads...
May. 04, 2:15pm

Love seeing or art students in action! #ar...
Apr. 14, 11:22am

The line was out the door for the last #do...
Apr. 07, 3:19pm

Buckeye pride all around!
Apr. 06, 9:51am

Tomorrow starts the Arts and Sciences Spri...
Apr. 04, 9:19am

Be sure to stop by the art sale today on t...
Mar. 30, 10:37am

Starting to see signs of spring! 👌🌷
Mar. 21, 12:07pm


Eva Dujardin Dale
ASC Communications